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Each pair in the 2019 Australian Team Selection Playoffs must create a Convention Card by completing the ABF Convention Card PDF Form available on the ABF Convention Card PDF page of the ABF website or from the links below and then upload it to this website using the Upload ABF Convention Card link below prior to 6.00pm AEDT, Monday 26 November, 2018.

Please consult the ABF System Regulations to correctly classify your system.

Yellow (HUM) systems and Brown Sticker Conventions are not permitted at any stage in the 2019 Seniors' Playoff.

If you would like your card converted to the latest version please contact the webmaster at webmaster@abf.com.au.

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Convention cards will be posted below after they have been approved by the National Event Co-ordinator (NEC). System cards which the NEC deems require amendment must be amended and resubmitted to the NEC prior to 6.00pm AEDT, Monday 3 December, 2018.

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