• Water Containers in the Playing Area

In 2018, the Rex hired 12 refillable water coolers and supplied large plastic cups for players to use for water during play.  Water usage and plastic cup waste was astronomical (over 12,500 cups were used) because:

  • players rarely took these plastic cups with them after play; and
  • more often than not, the cups still had water in them.

In addition to the terrible waste, it created a bigger clear up problem for the caddies and hotel staff between sessions and after play ended each day.

In 2019, the Rex and the ABF have agreed to implement policies to curtail this awful wastage. Open water containers will not be permitted in the playing areas in 2019. Instead players, if they require water during play, will need to use personal refillable water bottles with a top or lid. Players who already have such bottles they regularly use are invited to bring those into the hotel.  A supply of personal refillable water bottles will be available at the Help Desk and from the Hotel (for a small fee).

Players are asked to join this green initiative in 2019.