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Hard working caddies at the Summer Festival of Bridge 2019.
Geo Tislevoll and Joan Butts, First Place in the Penline Swiss Pairs
Melissa Ardern, Stephen Smith, Claire Hughes and Cathi Bywater, Under 100 MP, Novice Teams
Rex Medowcroft, Eugene Pereira, Vesna Markovic and Voyko Markovic, Under 50 MPs, Novice Teams
Simon Grant, Michele Grant, Jann White and Jane Young, Under 20 MPs, Novice Teams
Day 1 - Teams
Day 1 - Teams
Ella Pattison - Winner of the Helman-Klinger Masterpoint Award
Matthew Smith - Winner Helman Klinger Achievement Award
Tomer Libman and Andrew Spooner - Winners of the Andrew Reiner Trophy
Celebrity Speaker - Joan Butts talk on Thursday 10 January
Nicholas Ranson and John McMahon - Winners of the Hills-Hurley Trophy
Red Plum Life Masters Teams 2nd Place - Ian Dalziell, Trevor Berenger, John Donovan and Terry Heming
Red Plum Life Masters Teams 1st Place - Terry Sheedy, Keith Blinco, Eric Baker and Chris Stead
Novice Pairs 1st Place - Judith Foreman and John Royle
Novice Pairs 2nd Place - Sarah Lynch and Ross Cunningham
Novice Category C Winners - Frances and Ian Hammond
Chris Diment 2nd Place - Shane Harrison and Liam Milne
Chris Diment 1st Place - William Zhang and Tom Kiss
Marianne Bookallil, Jodi Tutty, Jessica Brake and Susan Humphries
Candice Ginsberg, Vanessa Brown, Kate McCallum and Barbara Travis
Attilio De Luca, Peter Chan, Roger Januszke, Phil Gue, John Zollo and Jon Hunt
Andrew Braithwaite, Warren Lazer, Pauline Gumby and Arjuna de Livera (absent Bruce Neill and Arvi Kanetkar)
Heather Cusworth, Frances Lyons, Helen Lowry and Berri Folkard
David Lilley, Zoli Nagy, Stephen Lester and Simon Hinge (absent Nigel Rosendorff and George Smolanko)
Jeff Travis, Judy Hocking, Kevin Lange and Russel Harms
Youth Championships 2019
Steve Weil, Neil Ewart 2nd Place TBIB Swiss Pairs and Sean Bemrose, absent David Beckett
Steve Weil, Andy Hung and Liam Milne 1st TBIB Swiss Pairs with Sean Bemrose
Andy Hung and Liam Milne two members of the Australian Open Team 2019 receiving their certificate from Allison Stralow ABF President
Australian Women's Team 2019 Giselle Mundell, Helene Pitt, Helena Dawson, Lorna Ichilcik, Avril Zets and Peter Buchen NPC (absent Rena Kaplan)
Australian Seniors Team 2019 Warren Lazer, Avi Kanetkar, Pauline Gumby, Arjuna de Livera, Ian Thomson NPC, Bruce Neill and Andy Braithwaite
1st in the SWPT -Sartaj Hans, James Coutts, Liam Milne, Andy Hung and Shane Harrison
2nd SWPT - Terry Brown, George Smolanko, George Kozakos, Nigel Rosendorff, Peter Buchen and Ian Robinson
1st Place Pack Up and Go Home Pairs - Jim Wallis and Bill Nash
2nd Place Pack Up and Go Home Pairs - Hugh Grosvenor and Martin Doran
1st Place Neura Pairs - Colin Bale and Ruth Neild
SWPT - Oldest Player Len Dixon 97 playing against Ryan Song 14, the youngest player in the teams. NS: Ryan Song - Jeremy Fraser-Hoskin; EW: Len Dixon - Josephine Dixon
Jenny Thompson
Damon Hollands, future bridge star
Martin Bloom, written up for fine defence
Barbara Travis, captain National Women's Team winners
David Macdonald, visitor from Wellington, NZ
Patsy McCartney - Tania Lloyd
Andrew and Sandra Richman's wedding day, 1999
Giselle Mundell, 2019 Australian Women's Team representative
Peter Cox, ABF Marketing
Bridge More table dealer
Bianca Gold, Youth Coordinator
Winners National Open Teams, LEIBOWITZ
Runners up National Open Teams, MILNE