• Need a Partner/Team Mates?

We understand that sometimes your normal partner/team mates let you down but you still want to play. If this is your situation then our Partnership Request System or our Partnership Secretary, Perelle Scales may be able to help.

There are two ways you can look for a Partner or Team Mates. First you can Submit a Partner Request Form by clicking on this link. Fill in one Form for each event you wish to enter. Choose whether to hide your details or not (in which case players cannot ring you directly – contact will be by email only) and decide if you wish to create a password so that you can go back in later and delete a request. The Partnership Request System operates semi automatically and you may find a suitable partner or team mates yourself without any intervention by Perelle.

However, of course, there can be no guarantee the above request system will produce a positive result. So, secondly, if you wish to increase your chances of getting a guaranteed partner or team mates, then you will need to contact Perelle and be prepared to pay the full entry fee upfront for that search to begin. The new venue, Canberra Rex hotel is smaller than the QT Hotel by about 15-20 tables so we are expecting most days to fill up with a Waiting List for many events.  In this situation, we cannot guarantee players seeking partners/team mates a spot in an event unless they pay the full entry fee upfront. If we recover some or all of the other half of the entry fee from the arranged partner/teammate, a refund will be given to the person who paid the original full entry fee.  The earlier you contact Perelle, the better your chances of getting into your chosen event(s).

Thank you for your understanding

Email: perellesfob2019@gmail.com
Mobile: 0450 961 935