Pacific Asia Women's On-Line Bridge Festival

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September 1-5, 2014

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Please find below the amended prize breakdown for our inaugural event. Higher participation numbers in the next event will ensure more prize money.

  • 1st place - Julie Atkinson and Kathy Boardman from New Zealand - Euros 75 each
  • 2nd place - Sheena Singh and Dianne Marler from Australia - Euros 50 each
  • 3rd place - Connie Marfell from the USA - Euros 25

BBO$ prizes, for daily tournament winners, will be paid to each of those players in a pair, individual or Robot tournament who finished in first place. The BB$ dollar amount which will be credited to each account will be $10 per individual per event. This payment will be made on 1st October 2014.

Could those who participated in this event, please check your participation level below and let Di Marler () know if your status is incorrect. Also could those who have not nominated their home country please send that information to us too.

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