Pacific Asia Women's On-Line Bridge Festival

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September 1-5, 2014

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 • General Information

The Australian Bridge Federation is very pleased to announce the roll-out of the first Pacific Asia On-line Women's Bridge Festival to be held from Monday 1st to Friday 5th September 2014. The event will be based on a format to include 2 tournaments of 12 boards per day attracting play by pairs and individuals with and without Robots. This event has been set up to capture all of those female players who reside in the Pacific/Asia rim.

Tourney Points will be awarded to the first three or four placed pairs/individuals in each event, with overall prizes being awarded to the individual players with the highest number of tourney Points. The WBF have generously donated a prize of €500. This will be split across the three highest placed players. To be eligible for this prize, a player must have played in 4 of the 10 events.

In addition to this very generous prize, the ABF, NZBA and Zone 6 will also be awarding prizes to their highest placed individuals.

 • Draw

The Tournament Director for the event, Nick Fahrer, will arrange the draw and handle all on-line functions including vetting those entering to ensure that all players are women.

 • Prizes

Prizes, of BBO Dollars, will be awarded to the two highest placed pairs/players in each tournament of 12 boards. In addition, prizes will be awarded from the Australian Bridge Federation, the New Zealand Bridge Association and Zone 6 of the WBF to the three highest placed individuals in each of their respective countries/zones, based on tournament points received for overall performance.

World Bridge Federation

The overall prize is coming from the WBF (with thanks to Gianariggo Rona, President of the WBF) in the form of a split of €500 between the top three placed individuals over the whole tournament - based on their participating in a minimum of 4 events out of 10. tourney Points will be awarded for placement in each event. The prizes will then be awarded to the highest placed individuals after all of the events have been run, based on their best results over 4 events. €250 to first, €175 to second and €75 to third.

Australian Bridge Federation

The ABF will award a prize based on a monetary value for each prize of $150 per individual player.
This would equate to $300 for the highest placed Australian pair on Monday - from both events - one prize;
$150 on Tuesday for the highest placed Australian individual player;
$300 on Wednesday (same as Monday);
$150 on Thursday (same as Tuesday);
$300 on Friday (same as Monday).
Total prize pool from the ABF of $1,200 to be used by the winners for entry into an ABF or ABF Licensed event - with expiry of 31st December 2015.

Hong Kong Contract Bridge Association

The HKCBA has agreed to offer 3 room nights (single or double occupancy) including 2 breakfasts, and a free entry to the Open Pairs as well as the Continuous Pairs at the HK Inter-city in 2015 to the highest placed Zone 6 pair.

New Zealand Bridge Association

1st NZ Pair in 4/6 of the Pairs sessions get a choice of free entry to 2 events, and 2nd best NZ pair; free entry to 1 event from: 2015, South Island Teams, North Island Teams, National 15A Teams, South Island Pairs, North Island Pairs, National Pairs or National Swiss Pairs.

Tournament points will be awarded for each 12 board event on the following basis:-

Min of 10 tables 1st place 10 tourney points;
2nd place 6 tourney points;
3rd place 4 tourney points.
Min of 20 tables 1st place 10 tourney points;
2nd place 7 tourney points;
3rd place 4 tourney points;
4th place 2 tourney points.

 • Contact

Di Marler

Nick Fahrer
Tournament Director

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