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The best slam is the slam that makes!

Posted by Andre Korenhof on Monday, 28 October 2013 at 19:40

The best slam is the slam that makes!
In round 11 of the Open Pairs Carola and I were quite happy to take our place at table 5, but in hindsight we should have done better or worse in the previous round: better would have meant being NS instead of EW; worse would have meant avoiding Peter Gill and Liam Milne being on fire. They doubled us in 3 for down one which was bad but not a complete disaster because quite a few pairs were in 4 going down 2 (undoubled!); they bid two slams that seem quite normal but you have to be in it to win it and they earned them close to 80% on average and then this one came along: 

The bidding was

Liam decided to bid 6

Partner led a to the Q, K and A. N (Peter) played a to the J, pitched a on the K and returned to his hand with a . A small followed and Carola had to play the stiff Q; I had A9x. No defence and 6 cannot be made. Note that it is essential to play a small , if you start with the J (the "automatic" thing to do but I'm pretty sure it is against the odds) there is no recovery.


Perhaps not the best contract ever, but very well played so what can you say but: well done guys!