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Occasional Ramblings from the TD’s - part 3

Posted by From the TD’s Desk on Monday, 28 October 2013 at 19:44

Board 15 session 2 Women’s & Seniors’ Teams

This board caused us some angst with at least three director calls.
After a 1C opening by West, North liked their Diamond suit and made a bid of either 3NT or 4D.  This pre-emptiive auction gave East a slight headache, with 5/4 in the majors, what can they do? After some thought all cases elected to PASS. So now back around to West, what are their (logical) alternatives?
With their, 5,4,3,1 shape (18 points), is PASS logical? Is 4H one? Is DOUBLE one?
We ruled in all cases, that whilst an infraction may have occurred during the auction, North/South were not damaged as 3NT or 4Dx would not have been pretty.

In the latest ABF Newsletter (just out), here is an excerpt from the book review section
... Matthew Thomson has followed up the success of his first book, Bid More, Play More
with another excellent effort. The book is a treat to read, since it is only example hands. No rules or lengthy text, just hand after juicy hand.
The author stresses that you must back your judgement, and take chances to be a lucky player.
Matthew loves 5-4-3-1 shapes and bids up on these for a rich reward.