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Spring Nationals Open and Restricted Pairs

Posted by Marcia Scudder on Monday, 28 October 2013 at 05:39


This event drew a field of 106 pairs.  After 12 ten board rounds the results were

Dcop1       Dcop2a        Dcop2b

The winners were:  Ian THOMSON and David BEAUCHAMP

Tying for second were: Dee HARLEY and Occo NOLF and Ron KLINGER and Bill HAUGIE

This event is sponsored by Paul Lavings who presented the prizes.


The inaugural Restricted Pairs event, honouring the memory of Ted Chadwick drew a wonderful response of 60 pairs.

Tcrp1         Tcrp2

The winners were: Tomer LIBMAN and Lavy LIBMAN (an outstanding effort from Tomer who is just 14)

Runners up were: Sarah CARRADINE and Michael YOUNG

These two pairs won free entry to the 2014 Restricted Pairs at the Tasmanian Bridge Festival.

Tcrp novice1       Tcrp rookienovice1jpg

The best Novice Pair ( < 100 Masterpoints) were: Catherine ELSE and Warren ROBINSON

The best Rookie Novice Pair ( < 20 Masterpoints) were: Holly DILLON and Guy DILLON 


The trophy and prizes were presented by Marilyn Chadwick under the watchful eye of her little granddaughter, Annabelle.