Steve Weil and the Lottery Prize Draw Team at TBIB have gone into the huddle and refined the idea of trying to give away $50,000 to pairs entering the TBIB Open Swiss Pairs Championship at the Summer Festival. So, we can reveal the "5 in 40" Card Lucky Draw. Every pair entered and competing in the TBIB Open Swiss Pairs gets an entry into the Card Lucky Draw. From these total entries, five pairs will be drawn out randomly by computer and then from the Final Five pairs, ONE lucky pair will get to go for the Grand Prize.

For the Final Draw, there are 40 envelopes and in each envelope, there will be a coloured card. There will be 5 blue cards, 6 red cards, 9 green cards and 20 yellow cards. The lucky pair begins by selecting an envelope and the coloured card will be displayed. They keep selecting envelopes and displaying the coloured cards until they have revealed 5 matching coloured cards.  So, if they find 5 blue cards before they find 5 red, green or yellow cards then they win $50,000. If they find 5 yellow cards first then they win a $250 consolation prize and so on. The prizes are as follows: -

    $50,000 Blue cards      $10,000 Red cards     $ 500 Green cards     $ 250 Yellow cards

Only one lucky pair will have the opportunity to play the TBIB “5 in 40” Card Lucky Draw.  The 4 unlucky pairs in the final draw will win a consolation prize. Pairs selected to be in the Final Five must be present at the draw otherwise a redraw will be done until we have five pairs. The envelopes will be prepared, sealed and provided by an independent insurance loss adjuster.  The Draw will be conducted at the end of the lunch break on Sunday 14 January with a specific time to be announced on the day.