• Current Partner Requests

Please read the Partner Request Policy first

The partnership coordinator is ✉  Perelle Scales Tel: +61450961935.

If the Player Details have been withheld contact the coordinator otherwise contact the players directly by phone or by clicking on the player's name to email them.

Player DetailsRankingRequestPostedDelete
Chris Diment Matchpoints Swiss Pairs (11 Jan 2018)
Pam Lidl
Intermediate Partner needed
29 Dec 2017
South-West Pacific Open Teams Championship (15 Jan 2018)
Henry Hudson
Open Partner needed
need 5th 4 6 man team.
14 Jan 2018
Neura Two Day Swiss Pairs (18 Jan 2018)
Sylvia Vorchheimer
Restricted Partner needed
Would like to play in the restricted pairs
01 Jan 2018
Two Men Nearly Time to Pack Up and Go Home Pairs (19 Jan 2018)
Deb anglim
Restricted Partner needed
13 Jan 2018