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1st Place Super Novice Pairs- Fiona Ferwerda and Penny Robertson
1st Place Penline One Day Pairs - Julian Foster and David Weston
1st Place Rising Stars Pairs - Ray Hurst and Heidi Colenbrander
2nd Rising Stars Pairs - Michael Brassil and Louise Brassil
2nd Penline One Day Pairs - Joan Butts and Geo Tislevoll
2nd Super Novice Pairs - Christine Yates and Erica Gray
Dorothy Holt (ACT), Ruth Henderson (Batemans Bay), Kate Cush (ACT), Denise Ironfield (Batemans Bay)
Jenny Iliescu, Susan Sharp, Leanne Nugent, Andrew Sharp (Brisbane)
Seniors Teams - N-S: Michael Johnson and Lorraine Lindsay; E-W: Martin Oyston and Pat Oyston
Joan Butts Workshop
Colin Webb (England), Mary Tough (ACT), Gayle Webb (England), Bev Crossman (ACT)
Non-Life Teams - NS: John Partridge and Doug Baldwin; EW: Patricia Evans and Roslyn Hinton
Senior Teams - N-S: Martin Bloom and Nigel Rosendorff; E-S: Chris Hughes and Simon Henbest
Red Plum Life Masters: Alexis Ngan and Bijan Assaee
Novice Teams: Philip Dey, Rosalind Dey, Carolyn Fitzpatrick ( in the Queen of Hearts dress) and Drew Fitzpatrick.
Senior Teams: Kevin Davies, Michael Draper and Rakesh Kumar
Senior Teams: Nikki Riszko, Edda Strong, Tom Strong, Andrew Struik
Super Novice Teams: Sue Manion, Trish Lentfer, Prue Clarke and Eve Dodds
1st Place Rising Stars Teams: Kay Snowden, Jeanette Marvell, Carolyn Githens and Marie Pickering
2nd Place Rising Stars Teams: Cathy Bywater, Claire Hughes, Colleen Hassall and Myra Hyland
1st Place Super Novice: Fiona Ferwerda, Penny Robertson, Janice Meldrum and Julie More
2nd Place Super Novice: Elizabeth Cusack, Ngaire Meehan, Christine Yates and Erica Gray
1st Place Non-Life Teams: Bruce Minchinton, Michael Goh, Gordon Coss, and John Green
2nd Place Non-Life Teams: Mitch Dowling, Wing Roberts, John Rodgers and Austin Driscoll
1st Place Novice Teams: Carolyn Fitzpatrick, Rosalind Dey, Drew Fitzpatrick and Philip Dey
2nd Place Novice Teams: Lesley Bowen-Thomas and Charles Bowen-Thomas (ABSENT: Bruce King and Alan Hemmingway)
1st Place Chris Diment Pairs: Helen Horwitz and Justin Howard
2nd Place Chris Diment Pairs: Julian Foster and David Weston
Chris Diment Pairs: Majorie Askew, William Powell, Eric Hurley and Gary Lynn (Ballina Bridge Club, NSW)
Bruce Minchinton, Michael Goh, Gordon Coss, and John Green
Illawarra Super Novice Teams
Super Novice Teams: Sue Manion (ACT), Trish Lentfer (ACT), Prue Clarke (ACT) and Eve Dodds (VIC)
Mitch Dowling, Wing Roberts, John Rodgers and Austin Driscoll (Sydney, NSW)
Non-Life Teams: Warren Cousins, Dell MacNeil, Jennie McKenzie and David McKenzie
Chris Lee, Red Plum Automotive Sponsors
1st Place Red Plum Life Masters: Bastian Bolt, John Kelly, Bijan Assaee and Alexis Ngan
Red Plum Automotive Sponsors
National Womens Teams, Best Senior Team: Frances Lyons and Janet Kahler (ABSENT: Alison Farthing and Heather Cusworth)
TBIB National Open Swiss Pairs Championship
TBIB Sponsors: Steve Weil
TBIB National Open Swiss Pairs.
Teaching Fellows Award – John Newman
1st Place Novice Swiss Pairs – Don Plumb (Absent: Jan Plumb)
2nd Place Novice Swiss Pairs – Lisa Yoffa and James Thomas
1st Place Penline 500 Swiss Pairs – Richard Bodell and Chris Fader
2nd Place Penline 500 Swiss Pairs – Cassandra Mitchell and Claire Filmer Ramsay
1st Place TBIB National Open Swiss Pairs Les Varadi and Elli Urbach (Accepted on behalf by John McIlrath)
2nd Place TBIB National Open Swiss Pairs – Shane Harrison and Michael Whibley
Novice Swiss Pairs: Derek Poulton and Majorie Phillips (Shepparton, VIC)
Education Workshop: Andrew Mill
1st Place National Womens Teams - Paula McLeish, Judy Osie, Di Smart, Rena Kaplan, Nevena Djurovic, and Pauline Evans
2nd Place National Womens Teams - Avril Zets, Giselle Mundell, Rita Nailand and Judy Mott
1st Place National Seniors Teams - Terry Brown, Peter Buchen, Bruce Neill, Bill Haughie, Avinash Kanetkar and Simon Hinge
2nd Place National Seniors Teams - Paul Lavings, Robert Krochmalik, Ron Klinger and Neil Ewart
Australian Open Team – David Beauchamp and Matthew Thomson
Australian Open Team – Peter Hollands and Justin Howards
Australian Open Team – Andrew Peake, Peter Gill and Ben Thompson (NPC)
Australian Womens Team – Candice Ginsberg and Barbara Travis
Australian Womens Team – Sue Lusk and Margaret Bourke
Australian Womens Team – Jodi Tutty and Marianne Bookalill
Australian Womens Team - Peter Reynolds (NPC)
Australian Seniors Team - Warren Lazer and Pauline Gumby
Australian Seniors Team - Bruce Neill and Avinash Kanetkar
Australian Seniors Team – Terry Brown and Peter Buchen
Australian Seniors Team – George Bilski (NPC)
Education Workshop – Sartaj Hans
Mary Tough and Allison Stralow
Bruce Neill at the Player's Reception for the Australian Teams
Australian Teams Players Reception
National Women’s Teams - Kim Frazer, Anna St Clair, Mary Ose and Teri Smoot
South West Pacific Teams - Pam Crichton, Ross Crichton, Teri Smoot, Mary Ose, Graham Wakefield and Niek Van Vucht
South-West Pacific Teams, International Team: Justin Lall, Reece Milner (captain), Hemant Lall and Jacek Kalita (ABSENT: Jacek Pszczola and Michal Nowosoadzki).
South-West Pacific Teams, Italian Team (Lavazza): Dennis Bilde, Norberto Bocchi, Antonio Sementa and Giorgio Duboin.
South-West Pacific Teams (N/S): David McLeish and Stephen Burgess (E/W): Reece Milner and Hemant Lall.
Bob Sebesfi and Paul Freeland
Bad Cop and Bad Cop - Christy Geromboux and Sebastian Yuen (ACT)
Education Workshop - Hugh Grosvenor
South-West Pacific Teams Sakr Team (International) - Dominik Filipowicz, Jaroslav Cieslak, May Sakr (Captain) and Marek Wojeiki
McCutcheon Award, Gold Life Master Winner - John Newman
McCutcheon Award, Grand Master Winner - Liam Milne
McCutcheon Award, National Master Winner - Chris Stead
Teaching Fellows Award - John Free, David Beauchamp, Therese Tully, Bruce Neill, Joan Butts, Hugh Grosvenor, Barbara Travis and Andy Hung
Dominik Filipowicz and Marek Wojeiki
Ishmael Del Monte, Reece Milner, Alison Stralow and Norberto Bocchi
Ishmael Del Monte, Reece Milner, Norberto Bocchi and Joe Barda
Ishmael Del Monte, Reece Milner, and Norberto Bocchi
South-West Pacific Teams 1st Place: Hemant Lall, Reece Milner, Jacek Pszczola, Justin Lall, Jacek Kalita and Michal Nowosadzki
South-West Pacific Teams 2nd Place: Georgio Duboin, Norberto Bocchi, Alejandro Bianchedi and Dennis Bilde
South-West Pacific Teams, Women's Category Winners - Kate Terry, Karen Martelletti, Mary Ellen Newton and Marion Kelly
South-West Pacific Teams, Mixed Cateogry Winners - Michael Prescott, Marlene Watts, Nicky Strasser and George Bilski
Joe Barda
Seniors Teams, Veteran Category Winners - Brian Thorpe, Nikki Riszko, Elspeth Saxby and Andrew Struik
Bridge For Brains 2nd Place (A Section) - Matthew McManus (Absent Johnno Newman)
Bridge For Brains 1st Place (A Section) - Gary Khemka and Sanmugaras Kamalarasa
Bridge For Brains 1st Place (B Section) - Martin and Pat Oyston
Bridge For Brains 1st Place (C Section) - Tamara Cutcliff and Leonie Jones
National Open Teams, 1st Place - Antonio Sementa, Agustin Madala, Alejandro Bianchedi, Giorgio Duboin, Norberto Bocchi and Dennis Bilde
National Open Teams 2nd Place - Hemant Lall, Reese Milner, Jacek Kalita, Michal Nowosadzki, Jacek Pszczola and Justin Lall