• Convention Cards

Convention Cards must be submitted before 4pm (AEST) Friday June 5, 2020

Each pair in the 2020 Interstate Teams must create a Convention Card by completing the ABF Convention Card PDF Form* available on the ABF Convention Card PDF page of the ABF website or from the links below and then uploading it to this website using the Upload ABF Convention Card utility before 4pm Friday June 5 2020.

If you are a first time user of the ABF Convention Card PDF Form it is highly recommended that you read the Usage Guide before attempting to enter data into your form. Check the configuration advice on page 11 and test saving your card before entering too much data.

*Note that PDF's of the old ABF Convention Card Editor will not be accepted.

System Classification

Please consult the ABF System Regulations to correctly classify your system and remember to click the Classification checkbox on the form. If you are playing Brown Sticker Conventions you will also need to click the Brown Sticker checkbox.

Naming Convention

To assist in identification, please ensure that the name of the Convention Card contains the State code, Section (Open/Women/Youth/Seniors) and surname of each player of the partnership. For example:


TAS ---

Convention Cards are displayed after they are approved by the National Event Coordinator. Convention Cards of names without links are awaiting approval from the NEC.