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After a very good start against Guadaloupe, two small losses find the team in 7th position with 34.98vps.

Day two has them playing Brazil in 12th, South Africa in 15th, and Bangladesh in 6th.

I would expect them to retain a place in the top 8.



After a good win against Italy, they suffered two major losses against powerhouses Netherlands and England, to be at the back of the field.

Today is a slightly easier draw, with Jordan in 21st, France in 13th, and India in 18th.

I expect this will allow them to climb the ladder.



A good day finds them in 2nd position with 43.35vps.

Day two has them playing Austria in 13th, USA1 in 5th, and Brazil in 20th.

I expect them to retain their qualifying position after day two.

Posted by David Hoffman on Monday, 14 August 2017 at 08:55