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The first day of competition is next Sunday (with all results by Monday morning Australian Eastern Time).

Bemuda Bowl

The open team will start with three easy matches on day 1, Guadaloupe, Mexico, and Argentina.

Predicting our results can be difficult, since in 2015, when we finished 13th, we lost 4.62 to Guadaloupe who finished 20th, and we lost 3.91 to Argentina who finished 18th. (Mexico was not there)

This year, to be in contention, the open team will likely need at least 40 vps at the end of day 1, with anything over 45 being very good.

Venice Cup

By comparison, the womens team has a very hard start: Italy, Netherlands, and England.

In 2015, when we finished 12th, we lost 7.45 to Italy (4th), lost 2.15 to Netherlands (7th), and lost 2.97 to England (5th).

This year, anything over 20 vps at the end of day 1 will be a good result.

d'Orsi Trophy

The seniors start day 1 with China, then Egypt, and finaly China Hong Kong.

In 2015, when we qualified 2nd, we won 18.77 against China (17th), and we won 19.43 against Egypt (16th). (China Hong Kong was not there).

However each match is dangerous, and anything over 35 vps at end of day 1 should be satisfactory.

Posted by David Hoffman on Tuesday, 8 August 2017 at 12:12