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ANC 2016

Posted by Charles Page on Sunday, 12 June 2016 at 07:34

What better place is there to escape the cold winter weather than come to a warm and sunny Queensland where a warm 22 degrees awaits you…..

The next Bridge event to be in your Calendar is the 2016 ANC from June 25th to July 7th

at the Kedron Wavell Club in Chermside.  Feel free the read a review of the venue

If you have not made your state team then the Bridge events for you commence on July 2nd, yes that very same day you need to think about sending some clowns and jokers  to Canberra to laud over us.

The events commencing on 2nd July are Stage One of the Butler Pairs and the ABF Restricted Butler Pairs.  Stage One of the Open Butler is open to everyone and there is no commitment to Stage 2, so you can as they say pack up your bags and go home after Stage One.  Of course we would like you to stay on play in either the Women’s or Seniors Butlers or the Swiss Pairs that commence on 4th July.  Yes Independence Day for all of our American Friends

The restricted Butler Pairs has a limit of 300 Master points and is played over the 2nd and 3rd  July after that it is the same events for all.

For the Alchemists there will be Gold Points galore whilst there are the magic elixir of the PQP points in all the Butler Pairs events.  There are more PQPs on offer in the Butlers than any other Australian Bridge Event. 

All the major details of the ANC can be found here


Even for a Bridge Championship we even have the duty of voting  covered with a polling booth a short distance from the venue as well as a pre polling booth at Brisbane Airport for those leaving their decision making to the last minute.  

Looking forward to seeing you all at the ANC

Charles Page

2016 ANC Organiser