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To create eBulletins you must first register with the eBulletin administrator to acquire a userid and password. Please send an email to

Log in

To log in to the eBulletins Administration click on > LOGIN

Creating and Editing eBulletins

  1. To create a new eBulletin click on add new in the menu
  2. Fill in the Title, Author and Excerpt boxes, commence article
  3. Add hand(s) by pasting string, add the auction as described below
  4. Preview your article using the preview button
  5. Close the preview window
  6. Save your article frequently by using the update button
  7. You can make changes to your draft now or later. Press my eBulletins from the menu to see a full list of the articles you have written.
  8. To edit your article click on the Title of the article from the my eBulletins screen
  9. When you are happy with your article press the submit button. Once you have submitted your article you cannot make any more changes to it although you will still be able to preview it from the my eBulletins screen.

Adding a link

To add a link to a document position your cursor in the article where you want the link to appear and click the Insert/edit link icon . Select a document from the eBulletins media library by clicking on the Browse media icon or type in the link. Enter the Text to display and press OK.

Adding an image

To add an image to your article position your cursor in the article where you want the image to appear, then click the Insert/edit image icon . Type in the address of the image or select an image from the eBulletins media library by clicking on the Browse media icon . Optionally enter the Image description and Dimensions then press OK. If you have images to upload send them to the eBulletin administrator.

Log out

Click on your name at the top of the menu on right.

Suit symbols

To code suit symbols:  !c !d !h !s (upper or lower case)
E.g. 1!c !dK !h10 6!s will display as 1 K 10 6

Hand and Bidding Diagrams

The coding for the hand and bidding is input to the BridgeBase Online Handviewer program. For a full explanation of the BBO Handviewer notation go to www.bridgebase.com/tools/hvdoc.html.

To include a hand diagram use one of the methods below:

  1. Use the get hand function in the edit eBulletins page to extract a hand from the website. For each hand you wish to write about select the event and round and fill in the hand number, then press get hand. Your coded hand will appear in the box below the get hand button. Press the Insert button to insert the code into your article.
  2. Manually code the hand by using the following example as a guide. This is for board number 13, dealer north, both vulnerable.
    (bbohv "b=13&d=n&v=b&n=sj43hk6532dak2c83&e=s9875h98dt865ckq5&s=saqt2hjt74dct9762&w=sk6haqdqj9743caj4&a=x")
  3. Create a BBO Bridge Movie. To include the Handviewer link code:
    (bbohv "http://tinyurl.com/xxxxxx")

To add an auction to the hand diagram change the x in the auction (a) parameter to actual bidding. E.g.
(bbohv "b=13&d=n&v=b&n=sj43hk6532dak2c83&e=s9875h98dt865ckq5&s=saqt2hjt74dct9762&w=sk6haqdqj9743caj4&a=1nppp")

To display a bidding diagram without a hand, code the auction (a), the dealer (d) and vulnerability (v) parameters without the hand (n, s, e, w) parameters. E.g.  (bbohv "a=1sp3ndrppp&d=s&v=b")