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Playing Bridge Online

Use of ABF Youth Committee Online Bridge Accounts  

FREE SITES (in no particular order, as at April 2004)

Bridge Base Online - includes online vugraph. BBO is the world’s most popular place to play bridge, especially amongst good young bridge players

-- --
Microsoft's free "Zone", duplicate, no ratings, includes plenty of beginner players.

-- --
a new and growing site

-- --
Originally Dutch, this new Australian site started in October, 2004.

-- --
no duplicate games

-- --
"rubber bridge" only, no duplicate, rating system is taken too seriously by some

NOT FREE (as at February 2001)

-- --
Free trial period. The ABF Youth Committee have a few free accounts available on request via Peter Gill. Rating system is treated too seriously by some.

If you find any of the above information to be out-of-date or incorrect, please email . We would appreciate feedback (good or bad) in order to keep this section updated.

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