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11th Annual Junior Collegiate Team Championship
February 3-4, 2007

All you need to take part is a computer, a bit of advance preparation, four uni students, two of whom must be from the same uni, and some time on the weekend of Feb 3 (especially at weird hours).

If interested, please contact David McDonald or Peter Gill 0402 413584.

The Fifth Chair Foundation, in conjunction with OKBridge ( is proud to announce that the eleventh annual Junior Collegiate Team Championship is to be held on the weekend of February 3, 2007. This annual event pits college and university bridge teams from around the world in online competition and is the premier online bridge event of its class.

OKbridge, the Internetís oldest online bridge club, provides free, temporary player accounts for all team members. Fifth Chair, a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering online bridge education, provides hosts for each participating team to help team members become familiar with the OKbridge program, if needed. There is no registration or participation fee for this event.

Registrations for this event are currently being accepted by Lorne of OKBridge and can be sent directly to him at Please include all of the following information with your registration and refer to the 2006 Conditions of Contest at: before registering. 2007 will be similar.

  1. Name and location of the participating college or university your team represents. A team consists of 4 to 6 university students at least two of whom must be from the same university.
  2. Name, email address, age (member can be under 26 years of age at the time of the tourney) and college/university affiliation of each (4-6) team member (if any are Okbridge members, please include screen names).
  3. Name, email address, age and college/university affiliation of TEAM CAPTAIN (if Okbridge member, please include screen name).
  4. A team must consist of at least two people from the university that is being represented, but additional team members may be added that are in other universities.

Further information on this event can be obtained from Fifth Chair directly or by contacting

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