45th Australian Youth Bridge Championships

Rydges Eagle Hawk Resort, Canberra

12 – 20 January 2013

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  ° Venue and Accommodation
  ° Transport
  ° Target Events for 2013 U25 Team
  ° Regulations
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  ° Parental Consent Form for Under-18s
Online Player Information/Entry Form
Current Entries


Note that you do not need to have partners or teammates organised yet in order to enter.
If you have any questions, please contact Griff Ware.
Email: youthweek@abf.com.au or
Phone: 0435 368 343

Please fill out the whole form, then press the enter button at the bottom.

1. Name:
2. Email address:
3. Date of Birth:
4. Sex:
5. ABF Number if available:
6. Are you a full-time student?
7. Are you an Australian resident?
8. If this is your first Youth Week, how did you hear about it?
9. Do you wish to enter the Youth Pairs (12-13 Jan)?
10. Partner for youth pairs if already organised:
11. Do you wish to enter the Youth Teams (14-15 Jan)?
12. Partner for youth teams if already organised:
13. Teammates for youth teams if already organised:
14. If you are eligible and qualify for the National Youth Team Selection Butler, do you intend to play in the Butler
(15–20 Jan; 10 pairs qualify from teams)?
15. If you are not playing in the Butler, do you wish to play in other events (16-18 Jan; if only wishing to play some of these days, list which days)?
16. Allergies, including food allergies:
17. Other food requirements (eg vegetarian):
18. Travel arrangements to/from Canberra, if known (include flight/bus numbers and times etc):
19. Any requests regarding accommodation (NB accom in 6-person multi-share 2-room units is provided as part of the package, 2-person twin share rooms available for $60 per room per night surcharge):
20. Any other special requests:
21. Any other personal information you think the organisers ought to know about (e.g. medical conditions):
Information for ABF Youth Database:
22. Address:
23. Phone:
24. Mobile:
25. BBO login name (if any):
26. School/Uni if applicable:
27. When/how did you learn bridge?
28. Home club (if any):

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