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42nd Australian Youth Championships
January 9-16, 2010, Canberra



Convener: Ed Barnes and Griff Ware
Mobile: 0435 368 343 (Griff)   0415 181 901 (Ed)

Once again prizes at the National Youth Bridge Week have been generously donated by Paul Lavings. The best way to show your appreciation of Paul's generosity is to buy your bridge books at Paul Lavings Bridge Books & Supplies.

2010 Results and Bulletins

BridgeBase Online

The final stage of the National Youth Selection Trials will be broadcast on BBO.  The broadcast will start January 15 at 7pm ADST.

BridgeBase VuGraph files*

*Software needed to view the BridgeBase VuGraph files can be downloaded from

2010 Flyer

2010 Youth (Under 30) Championships Entries:

Australian Youth Pairs (23 entries)

Shane Harrison - Michael Whibley
Sam Schulz - Andy Hung
Laura Ginnan - Justin Howard
Ellena Moskovsky - Adam Edgtton
Stephen Williams - Paul Gosney
Daniel Braun - Nabil Edgtton
Nye Griffiths - Justin Williams
Max Henbest - Griff Ware
Lauren Travis - Peter Hollands
Nathan Howard - Matt Porter
Geoff Martin - Nik Moore
Nikki Westoby - Jeremy Rosen
Pascale Gardiner - Lucy Henbest
Orlando Wu - Sebastian Yuen
Leigh Matheson - Jane Reynolds
Angus Munro - Alex Smirnov
Jamie Thompson - Sophie King
Helena Canaris - John Yoon
Fraser Rew - Nick Rodwell
Cathy Hui - Erin Tewes
Hannah Sprod - Bec Thornberry
Laura Tough - William Jenner-O'Shea
James Higgins - Robin Stevenson

Australian Youth Teams (10 entries)

Laura Ginnan - Stephen Williams - Sam Schulz - Shane Harrison
Lauren Travis - Max Henbest - Peter Hollands - Angus Munro
Leigh Matheson - Jane Reynolds - Sebastian Yuen - Orlando Wu
Cathy Hui - Jess Tearne - Helena Canaris - John Yoon
Justin Howard - Michael Whibley - Adam Edgtton - Andy Hung
Pascale Gardiner - Lucy Henbest - Nikki Westoby - Jeremy Rosen
Nye Griffiths - Justin Williams - Nabil Edgtton - Paul Gosney
Ellena Moskovsky - Daniel Braun - Bec Thornberry - Alexander Smirnov
Matt Porter - Nathan Howard - Nik Moore - Geoff Martin
Jamie Thompson - William Jenner-O'Shea - Sophie King - Hannah Sprod - Griff Ware

The top 10 eligible (U26) pairs from the Youth Teams will qualify to participate in the butler selection event for the 2010 Australian Youth Team


Past Youth Championships

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