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Awards Archive

Andrew Reiner Trophy Helman-Klinger Achievement Helman-Klinger Masterpoints Hills-Hurley Trophy
2016 Ella Pattison and Renee Cooper Jamie Thompson Matthew Smith John and Charles McMahon
2015 Shane Harrison and Max Henbest Max Henbest Jamie Thompson Daniel Braun and Nabil Edgtton
2014 Ellena Moskovsky and Lauren Traviis Adam Edgtton Adam Edgtton Jamie Thompson-Stephen Williams
2013 Justin Howard and Peter Hollands John Yoon Ellena Moskovsky Rhys Cooper & Michael Bausor
2012 Nabil Edgtton and Andy Hung Andy Hung Liam Milne Ellena Moskovsky & Lauren Travis
2011 Daniel Braun and Shane Harrison Laura Ginnan Andy Hung Sebastian Yuen & James Higgins
2010 Peter Hollands Michael Whibley Paul Gosney and Nabil Edgtton
2009 Rebecca Thornberry and Justin Howard Pete Hollands Justin Howard - Pete Hollands
2008 Nye Griffiths Justin Howard Ming Chan - Leigh Matheson
2007 Paul Gosney Nabil Edgtton Shane Harrison - Sam Schulz
2006 Michael De Livera Nye Griffiths Adam Edgtton - Nabil Edgtton
2005 Griff Ware Paul Gosney Daniel Krochmalik - Justin Williams
2004 Gabby Feiler Griff Ware Paul Gosney - Nathan van Jole
2003 Nic Croft Jillian Hay Daniel Geromboux - Griff Ware
2002 Michael Wilkinson Justin Williams Mark Abraham - Michael Wilkinson
2001 Paul Brayshaw Paul Brayshaw Paul Brayshaw - Simon Brayshaw
2000 Kylie Robb Tony Nunn Kylie Robb - Tony Nunn
1999 Mark Abraham Leigh Gold Nic Croft - Luke Matthews