Travel Advice for South Korea

The document below outlines the ABF policy for overseas destinations and special arrangements for Seoul.

Travel Advice for South Korea

ABF International Team Subsidy Policy

This policy sets out the funding and support for Australian teams with preparation and training from selection to participation in the target events.

ABF International Team Subsidy Policy


The ABF has an insurance policy for International Representatives of the ABF. Details can be found on the Insurances page

Gold Coast Presentation


Contact Kim Frazer for the password details.

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Measurement Table

The Measurement Table outlines a measurement methodology to assess team performance in 2017 against prior years.
2017 Measurement Table

Playoffs Charter

The Playoffs Charter contains information about and the rationale for the format and timing of the playoffs. It also covers related issues such as security. The Tournament Committee welcomes feedback on the Charter; please email this feedback to
Playoffs Charter

Journey to the Bermuda Bowl

» Justin Mill and Peter Hollands training videos Updated 14 April, 2017