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Transnational Round 32

DAY 11 Wednesday 25th September


The Australian involvement is now solely in the Transnational event.

In this event, as the name suggests, entries are not limited just to players from the same country and many players have embraced this concept.

There are 110 entries and, even though the field comprises of players not to reach the quarter finals in their respective sections, there are many very good teams and players.

This is the knockout round of 32.

The Australian involvement includes the following


Renee Cooper

Ben Thompson

Olga Paulushko


C. Lund Madsen





They were selected by the Israel open team.

There were several potentially wild boards and some came to fruition. AURUSSUA were very adventurous in the slam department with limited success.            

Boards of interest in this match:

Board 3


Do you want to be in 6NT on this hand?

Not a great slam but it made as both minor suit queens were with North. The opponents were in 4NT.

Slam win board (somewhat fortunate).

Board 7

Israel bid a terrible slam that as the defence can take the first tricks on lead. Even without the killing lead, it still can be beaten.

Slam lose board (very fortunate).

Board 9

Australia bid 6 with three cashing aces against then. The opponents played in a part score.

Slam lose board.

Board 11


Do you want to be in 7NT on this hand?

Not a great slam and on the layout had no play

Slam lose board.

Board 23

They bid an excellent (almost laydown) 6 contract missed by their opponents.

Slam win board (nicely judged but should be bid).

Board 26


Do you want to be in 7NT on this hand?

Both s and s 3 3, then there are 13 tricks. If either one is not, then a deep finesse for K and J or both a and a finesse. If they both are not, then almost no chance.

7NT was 2 off and 6NT made by Israel.


In summary, of the 6 slam levels bid at one table and not the other

There was 1 very good one bid by AURUSSIA

There was 1 poor one

There were 4 shocking ones.

Net imps -21 to AURUSSIA.

AURUSSIA lost by 27 imps over 28 boards.

Posted by Chris on Thursday, 26 September 2019 at 22:03