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In just over two weeks, the World Bridge Teams Championships starts in Lyon, France, at the Cite Centre de Congres.


Australia is represented in all three major events:

Bemuda Bowl   David Beauchamp-Matthew Thomson, Peter Gill-Andrew Peake, Peter Hollands-Justin Mill, npc Ben Thompson

Venice Cup   Marianne Bookallil-Jodi Tutty, Margaret Bourke-Sue Lusk, Candice Ginsberg-Barbara Travis, npc Peter Reynolds

d'Orsi Trophy   Terry Brown-Peter Buchen, Pauline Gumby-Warren Lazer, Avi Kanetkar-Bruce Neill, npc George Bilski


There are 22 teams in each event. After 3 matches a day over 7 days, the top 8 in each event will proceed to the knockout stage.

Along with Australia by default, eight other nations have a team in each event, France as host, Italy, Sweden, USA by right, Argentina, Brazil, China, New Zealand by default, and Egypt.

Following the qualification stage, the Transnational Teams will commence. This event is open to all, with cross national teams allowed.

Posted by David Hoffman on Wednesday, 2 August 2017 at 10:39