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Australia suffered three losses, Germany 2.15, Indonesia 4.08, and USA2 8.52, to finish 15th, about 22vps out of qualifying.

15th was the lowest position held during the week.

In comparison, New Zealand collected 51.42vps on the last day, to sneak into 8th place. They play the Netherlands in the quarterfinals.



A win 19.69 against USA2 was followed by two losses, 4.08 against Argentina, and 3,58 against Russia.

This left them in 13th place, 43vps out of qualification.

Having beaten both USA teams, it was not surprising that neither USA team made the knockout stage, possibly a first for them.



The team had an expected day, beating Pakistan 16.73, losing narrowly to Italy 9.69, and beating South Africa 17.17, to finish 4th.

In chosing opponents, USA2 selected Japan, France selected India, Italy selected USA1, leaving Australia to play Sweden.

The quarterfinals are over two days, and on Sunday we are on BBO at 10:30pm AET.


Interestingly Sweden was the only nation to have a team in all three KO divisions.

Posted by David Hoffman on Sunday, 20 August 2017 at 08:07