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VCC Bulletin 1

Posted by Kim Frazer on Wednesday, 7 June 2017 at 21:32


Welcome to Australia’s great winter bridge festival – all built around the Victor Champion Cup Swiss Teams event. I always chuckle to myself at the remarkable foresight of Victor Champion’s parents in naming their son, who grew up to become one of Australia’s very best early bridge players.

The teams entries this year have unfortunately been affected by a clash with, not one, but two major international championships. In that context it’s wonderful to see a record entry in the women’s pairs and overall a similar total in pairs entry to last year. If you’d like to play the teams on the weekend (and you should because it’s great fun!) but don’t have a team, just ask our tireless convener Kim Frazer; she’ll be glad to help.

As you read this, I’m flying back from one of the “clash” events so that I can do my favourite Presidential task of the year – presenting awards after play concludes on Friday to some of Victoria’s outstanding volunteers; people who just make bridge happen. I’m always struck by how truly humble and surprised they are at being honoured – and yet they are the true champions of bridge. I look forward to sharing a drink with you all on Friday, and applauding our champion players and volunteers.

I’d like to take a moment to thank all our hard-working tournament staff and volunteers, led by our co-conveners Kim Frazer and Neil Ewart. Kim will be stepping down after a long and highly successful run; big boots to fill indeed! We all continue to enjoy the excellent services of Laurie Kelso, one of the world’s top-ranked directors. Laurie and our conveners have put together a truly great team over the years who provide us, the players, with an unsurpassed playing environment. Thank you all.

We couldn’t run this great bridge festival without the support of our great sponsors. Our lead sponsors again are Tony Bemrose Insurance Brokers, Quest, and Paul Lavings’ Bridgegear.  Please support our sponsors, and when you do please tell them you’re a bridge player.

I wish you good bridge, good coffee, and good fun; all easy in Marvellous Melbourne!

Ben Thompson

President, VBA


Squires Loft Grill City Grill Room which specialises in top class meat is offering all players in the VCC discounts as follows:

Thursday and Sunday nights a discount of 20%

                                  Friday and Saturday nights a discount of 10%

Bookings are essential. To receive your discount just mention at the time of booking that you are attending the Bridge Congress.

Discount applies to this Squires Loft restaurant only

 General information to help you during the tournament.


During the event, e-bulletins will be available on line with news & information from the event. Check them out on the VCC website at http://abfevents.com.au/events/vcc/2017/ebulls.asp


If you are ill and can't make it in for your session during the tournament, please phone us as soon as you know you have a problem so we can work out something for your partner/team-mates.


We know you can’t live without your phone, but if it rings during play penalties will apply. If you have a dire emergency that will necessitate phone use, please speak to a director before play, otherwise turn your phone off.

Scoring Errors and Correction Periods

Remember to check your scores carefully when entering them.

Re-check that all your scores are correct on the bridgemates at the end of each round by pressing the Scores button on the top right of the bridgemate. If you don’t know how to use a bridgemate, and no-one at your table does, please ask a director to help you.

At the start of each round you will receive a printout with your scores from the previous round. Please review this as soon as practical and if you find a scoring error on it, you need to:

  1. Write on your scoresheet printout what you think the correct result was; and
  2. Give the amended scoresheet to a Director to arrange the correction.

Between sessions if you can get your opponents to sign the corrected scoresheet then do this and give the corrected sheet to a director. If you cannot locate the opponents then give the scoresheet to a director to resolve this for you before the next round commences.

Scoring corrections must be made no more than 15 minutes after the end of following match, or 30 minutes after the final match.  Please note it is not possible to make corrections after these time periods have elapsed.

ABF regulations apply to scoring errors. All pairs/teams will get one warning on a scoring error before VP penalties will apply to both sides for any subsequent infractions.

PS: Before you leave the playing area, please ensure that the bridgemate at your table has ALL your scores entered - not just the ones you were happy with.


We have an on-site medical adviser, so please ask a director if you are unwell & we will get you some assistance.