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Linda Stern Women's Teams and Bobby Evans Seniors' Teams

Posted by Marcia Scudder on Monday, 31 October 2016 at 12:09

The total entry in the two events was 46 teams, with 22 contesting the Women's and 24 the Seniors'.


Linda Stern Women's Teams

After 9 Qualifying rounds, the finalists were:

CLARK (Alida Clark, Viv Wood, Pele Rankine and Eileen Li)


TRAVIS (Barbara Travis, Candice Ginsberg, Margaret Bourke, Sue Lusk, Marianne Bookallil and Jodi Tutty)

The final was a nail biting affair, with CLARK winning, 115.1 to 104.

The winners of the Datums Medals were Pele Rankine and Eileen Li.



  Viv Wood and Alida Clark with David Stern                Margaret Bourke, Sue Lusk, Marianne Bookallil, 

         (absent Pele Rankin and Eileen Li)                     Barbara Travis, Jodi Tutty and Candice Ginsberg                 


Bobby Evans Seniors' Teams

The final, after 9 qualifying rounds, was between

FREE (Jonathan Free, Michael Smart, Bob Sebesfi and Richard Douglas).


GUMBY (Pauline Gumby, Warren Lazer, George Kozakos and Ian Robinson).

After three of the four stanzas, FREE was leading 114.1 to 49 and the organisers were wondering if a concession may be under consideration.  However, the GUMBY team persevered, and almost made a remarkable comeback, winning the last set 60 to 5.

The final result was FREE 119.1 to 109.

The Datums Medals were won by Jonathan Free and Michael Smart



     Richard Douglas, Michael Smart, David Stern,                George Kozakos, Ian Robinson, Pauline Gumby

                   Bob Sebesfi and Jonathan Free                                    Warren Lazer with David Stern 


 Datum winners, Jonathan Free and Michael Smart