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Welcome to the 2016 Spring Nationals

Posted by Marcia Scudder on Monday, 17 October 2016 at 22:14



Sn bridge My name is Marcia Scudder. I am the Tournament Organiser.
I am delighted to welcome you to the 2016 Spring Nationals.  In particular, welcome to our overseas and interstate visitors.

This will be the last year that I will be Tournament Organiser for this event.  In 2009, the Sydney Spring Nationals was located at the Hakoah Club in Bondi.  In my first year as TO it moved to Randwick Racecourse and then to this venue at Canterbury Park Racecourse.  It has been such a pleasure to work with the staff of the Australian Turf Club to make this event so enjoyable.   

Entry numbers for virtually every event have exceeded those for 2015.  Welcome everyone, and do enjoy your time here.


Next year, I am pleased to inform you that the Spring Nationals will be in the hands of Michael Prescott.  I have  every confidence that he will continue to make this event memorable.  You will see Michael lurking around during this event, noting where we manage to hide things and secure things, and being introduced to his new role.






Our Chief Tournament Director is Laurie Kelso. Chief Scorer is Matthew McManus.  Also directing are John McIlrath, Jeff Carberry and Ronnie Ng.

          Matthewmcmanus 500       Johnmcilrath h500        Carberry 500      

         Laurie                     Matthew                    John                     Jeff                       Ronnie


The Role of the Recorders 
The ABF is keen to ensure events are played in the spirit of sportsmanship, and that players have an enjoyable experience at events run under the auspices of the ABF. The recorders at this event fulfil an important role in supporting this objective.  
Recorders may receive oral or written communication from players at the end of each session regarding issues that have arisen during the event relating to player ethics or behaviour. Please feel free to consult with them about any concerns you might have.  We have two Recorders at the Spring Nationals: Marilyn Chadwick and George Finikiotis.


            Marilyn                         George 


BBO Broadcasts Bbo

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The Semi-Finals and Finals of the Open Teams and the Finals of the Women's and Seniors' Teams will be broadcast on BBO. I am grateful to the ABF, as they will pay for the staff to facilitate this.



eBulletins  Bulletin

As in past years, there will be a 2016 Spring Nationals eBulletin. Anyone can contribute an article. Email john@scudder.id.au or see John at the eBulletins Help Desk to obtain a login and password. You can then use the site to write and submit articles to the Esteemed Editors.  If you would prefer to write an article in Word, email it to john@scudder.id.au and it will be converted and published.  If pen and paper are your preference, then hand it to John at the Desk.



Race Meetings 

There are two race meetings scheduled to take place during the Sydney Spring Nationals.  The first is on Friday 21st, and is a night meeting.  Players are welcome to attend the meeting at the conclusion of play at no cost.  The second meeting will take place on Wednesday 26th, and is an afternoon meeting.  If you are dummy and facing the racecourse, you will be able to view the races.



Jacaranda Pairs  Sbc

The finals of the Women's and Seniors' Teams will be held at this venue on Thursday 27th October. As a side event that day, the Sydney Bridge Centre will sponsor a two session Super Congress, the Jacaranda Pairs, hosted by Johnno Newman. Enter at the Reception Desk and come dressed in Purple or Green and celebrate Spring and the arrival of this gorgeous flower in Sydney. 



2015 Winners

Two Men & A Truck Restricted Teams
Malcolm Clift - Kathy Clift - Sallie Quarles - Fran Campbell

Second:  Craig Mietzke - David Emmerson - Hamid Sadigh - Siamak Parsanejad

Datum winners:  Craig Mietzke - David Emmerson

Spring National Open Teams
Tony Nunn - Sartaj Hans - Michael Ware - Tom Jacob - Nick Jacob

Second:  Helen Horwitz - Peter Gill - David Beauchamp - Justin Howard - Peter Hollands

Datum winners:  Peter Gill - Beauchamp

Dick Cummings Open Pairs
Avinash Kanetkar - Ron Klinger

Second:  Adam Edgtton - Maxim Henbest

Ted Chadwick Restricted Pairs
Clive Klugman - Fran Martin

Second:  Mary Smith - Joanne Evans

Spring National Novice Pairs
Greta Davis - Gayle King

Second:  Denise Merrin - Sheena Pollock

Linda Stern Women's Teams
Barbara Travis - Candice Ginsberg - Sue Lusk - Margaret Bourke - Marianne Bookallil - Jodi Tutty

Second:  Di Smart - Felicity Beale - Rena Kaplan - Nevena Djurovic 

Datum winners:  Kinga Moses - Nazife Bashar

Bobby Evans Seniors' Teams
Gabi Lorentz - Stephen Burgess - Bill Haughie - Ron Klinger

Second:  Bruce Neill - Peter Buchen - Henry Christie - Terry Brown - Richard Jedrychowski

Datum winners:  Gabi Lorentz - Stephen Burgess



I am very grateful to our sponsors:

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I urge you to support those who support our Tournament.