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Don't lead a singleton with a singleton trump

Posted by Nick Hughes on Thursday, 30 October 2014 at 08:42

I should have passed as North. When I committed 3NT, partner took a shot at 6H, which failed when West led SA.

Two declarers made 6H on C4 lead. Presumably they won in dummy and led a trump. East quite reasonably flew HA to give partner a club ruff, playing declarer for ---, KQJxxx, Kx, AQxxx. Silly lead.

6C also has a chance, cold on SA lead. You ruff, unblock DK, draw trumps ending in dummy to cash D-AQ & S-KQ, then ruff a spade. When you exit a heart, West wins HK perforce, then dummy's heart loser goes away on the ruff and discard.