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That crazy computer!

Posted by Rakesh Kumar on Thursday, 30 October 2014 at 08:44

Day 1, Round 2 of the Spring Nationals Open Teams, and the dealing computer was having fun. Weird distributions were everywhere! There were 3 hands with 6/5 distributions (East had 6/5s on two consecutive hands!) and 1 with a 7/5 shape. Voids were endemic.

Board 2 produced perhaps the widest variety of results. One factor in that is how East might have chosen to open her/his hand as dealer. What would you do?

If East bids 1, the unfortunate person sitting South is very likely to overcall 2

That's what I did, and West, who had a 6/5 complementary to East's holding, doubled to show spades. Partner thought this could get interesting, and passed. So did East, salivating mildly. But on the lead of the J, declarer is able to throw East in repeatedly and make 2X. The bad news was that this lost 10 IMPs, because 3NT or 4 are cold for NS.

On the next Board, partner had to negotiate a 5-0 trump break to bring home 4. He had plenty of company across the field, including one NS pair whose score was the rarely seen +880 for 4 redoubled!

There was more action a little later on Board 8. At our table, West boldly opened 4 and partner doubled, unambiguously for penalties, but I pulled this to 5, which is a safe contract.

Elsewhere around the room, several NS pairs achieved the somewhat remarkable feat of making 6 or even 6, but there were quite a few pairs who reached slam and duly failed. 

Some of the other wildly distributional hands didn't produce quite such variable outcomes, and the computer then had a bit of a rest, generating only one 6/6 hand in Round 3. Perhaps that means it will be "no holds barred" again tomorrow!