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Oaks Day Pairs

Posted by Marcia Scudder on Saturday, 8 November 2014 at 08:22

Oaks Day Pairs  Sbc

While the finals of the Women's and Seniors' Teams were being fought out, the Sydney Bridge Centre's Will Jenner O'Shea and Vanessa Brown hosted the Oaks Day Matchpoint Pairs.  18 tables played. 

 Many of the competitors took up the spirit of Oaks Day and wore their finery.

    Will oaks  Oaks dress  Oaks tanya

              Vanessa and Will                                  Shirley Zions                                              Tanya Renaud       

Two sessions of matchpointed bridge produce the following winners:

Open Section:

  Oaks 1  Oaks 2

       1.  Vanessa Brown and Linden Raymond                          2.  Michael Wilkinson and Marlene Watts

Restricted Section:

  Oaks novice 1  Oaks restricted 2  

          1.  Jean Schroeter and Cheryl Barrett                          2.  Mike Edwards and Liz Jacka

Novice Section:

           Oaks novice              Oaks novice 2

      1.  John-Claude Farrugia and Michael Rosen                        2.  Tanya Renaud and Jim Brown