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Well done, good luck

Posted by Kinga Moses on Friday, 1 November 2013 at 06:55

 We were lying pretty after 8 wins in the women's qualifying in the Spring Nationals, but have some well justified misgivings in drawing the Smart Team for the last round, Di and Felicity coupled with Eva Caplan and Rena Kaplan are always dangerous opponents.

We lost 12 imps on Board 16 when both EW rather high. 

Bidding: West opened 1, North, (my parner Nafi) bid 1 East doubled, I passed, West rebid 2 which in their system qualified as a reverse. East subsided in 5 once it was known that West had only one key card in .

 A small spade was led. On the face of it seems that the Q of heart has to be found, not so for Felicity.

 She played the Q of clubs, taken by the A , Spade J continuation saw West discard 2 clubs, next came a trump, taken and North persevered with Spades, ruffed, Next came a club ruff, trumps drawn ,  which squeezed me in and , as I had to discard a Heart on the 4th Spade, I played a Club) Now clubs were good. Well done. Unfortunately it was not duplicated at the other table.

 Our worst fears were justified: we were squeezed out of the final by a massive win from the McLeish team.