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Hallowe'en Pairs

Posted by Marcia Scudder on Friday, 1 November 2013 at 20:35


The Sydney Bridge Centre was the sponsor of the Spring Nationals Halloween Pairs.  Host for the day was William Jenner-O'Shea.

17 tables entered the event which ran at the same time the finals of the Women's and Seniors' Teams were taking place.

Many of the competitors got into the spirit of the day, coming suitably attired.

Halloween dressup1    Halloween dressup2

Spot prizes (mostly in the form of chocolate) were distributed frequently.

After the morning set, some special prizes were awarded.  They were:

Halloween bestdressedpair2   Halloween bestdressedpair3   Halloween elegant     Halloween skeleton

Best dressed pair: Kim McMurray and Jenny Montagna

Most elegant attire: Shirley Zions

Best skeleton: Archie Fraser

Halloween 1 50      Halloween 1 13th

Pair running closest to 50%: Teresa Wilson and Maryann Campbell

Pair running 13th: Austin Driscoll and Ron Fitzgerald

A lunch break was followed by a second session.

At the end of play a presentation ceremony was held, where Will and Vanessa presented the prizes.

Halloween 1st     Halloween 2nd

The overall winners were Sally LAZAR - Richard LAZAR

Second were Helene JACOBSON - Joan POLIVNICK

Halloween restricted     Halloween novice

Best restricted pair were Brett JOBSON - David BURTON

Best novice pair were Dorothea HASLEY - Benedicte ZURSTRASSEN

And finally coming 13th in the second round were Gwendoline RAFFERTY - Margaret HAGAR

Halloween hagar

A wonderful day was had by all.  Thanks go to Will and Vanessa.