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Penalty Doubles great help in the afternoon session today

Posted by Alan Boyce on Sunday, 27 October 2013 at 08:42

Playing in the Restricted Pairs being near last at lunchtime today was pretty sobering. Words of encouragement thrown back and forward got us ready for the afternoon. Round 4 saw a text-book opportunity to punish the vunnerable doubler. Partner opened 1D sitting north, and double from East. Holding 10 HCP's and 2 4-card suits that I can look at doubling, I redouble. West tried to escape to 1S. Partner passed and East decided that 1NT might be ok. Double from me and a "that seems odd" from East.

East went off 2 for a nice +5oo result for us.

Hand 19 in match 2 in the afternoon was another case of "Do what the text book says".

South opened a somewhat dubious 1S, partner decided on the out of shape T/O double, passed round to me and I couldn't pass quick enough. No game was on so +500 for 1SX making 4 was a great result.

Another +500 came our way in a most unusual result.

Hand 26 saw this bidding:

1D by East, pass by me, 1H by West, 1S by North and pass, pass round to West who bid 2H.

3 top spades from North saw me play the 6 then the 2, and when North played the spade Q I decided a club switch is best so I discourage with the 4 of diamonds. So partner plays a diamond of course, taken by East with the Ace. Declarer runs the Queen of trumps round to partners K. Partner now plays a second diamond, marking him with a doubleton. Declarer decides North must have the Queen so finesses the jack, taken by my queen. I show my club Ace by playing the king, then play diamond, declarer ruffs with the 4 and is overruffed by the 5. Back to my club Ace, along the way my Jack of trumps got promoted to a trump trick, end result off 5 for +500.