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Surely I must have hearts partner!

Posted by Alan Boyce on Sunday, 27 October 2013 at 08:33

North opened 1C and East made a 1H overcall. Holding 14 HCP's and 4 clubs, game seems ok, but I'll not rule out doubling East for penalties if they get too high. 3C from North seemed pretty right in retrospect. Not fussed about 3NT unless partner has a heart stopper, I bid hearts again! Partner now jumped to 5C. I suspect he has a hand that's certainly around the upper range for his bidding, and, armed with my 3 outside Aces, and a good revealed club fit, I now make the value bid of 6C in case 3NT turns out to be cold for 10 tricks. With just 1 spade to lose he was able to claim at trick 3. Not too many in either room found the cold slam and this provided us with the impetus to move from near last at lunch to 19th going into the championship round tomorrow.