2021 Grand National Open Teams

Friday 26 November - Monday 29 November 2021

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The venue for the 2021 GNOT Final will be the Queensland Contract Bridge Club, 67 Ipswich Rd, Woolloongabba.

Travel arrangements for the event will be published as soon as they are finalised.

 • General Information

The Grand National Open Teams (GNOT) is an Australia wide event to select the 60 teams attend the GNOT National Final, a 4-day event at the end of November.

The GNOT Final is conducted in Brisbane by the ABF. Gold points are awarded for Club, Regional and National Finals. PQP's are awarded in the National Final.

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General Regulations

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Masterpoints are displayed directly from the ABF Masterpoint Centre

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Ray Ellaway
Tel: (07) 3351 8602 (w), 0466 288 365 (m)