2016 Canberra in Bloom Bridge Festival

Lyneham, ACT • 30 September - 3 October 2016


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2015 Results

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2015 CIB Golden Wattle Open Teams Winners

Erin and friend

Anyone like a friend?

The Rich Reward Room

Winners - 2016 Royal Bluebell MP Swiss Pairs - Stephen Mendick & Bernard Waters

Silks Room

Four girls from Canberra

Silks Room - looking North

At the table with Christopher

Elainne Leach TO for 2017 ANC in Canberra

The last round ... home table, who will win

The last round ...... away table, who will win

What sort of bid is that!!!!

Roy Nixon, President of BFACT

Team 1 v 2

Team 2 v 1

Youth contingent at 2016 Canberra in Bloom

Youth contingent at 2016 Canberra in Bloom

Youth contingent at 2016 Canberra in Bloom

Blocking up the alley way, part of the youth contingent.

What sort of a result was that??????

Mitch Dowling and Matt Smith, waiting for their partners to return

Winners - 2016 Canberra Bells Swiss Pairs - Margaret Gidley-Baird & Chris Williams

Runners Up - Canberra Bells Swiss Pairs - George Kozakos & Ian Robinson

Best Country Pair - Canberra Bells Swiss Pairs - Chris Bayliss and Catherine Chown

Winners - 2016 Federation Rose Pairs - Margaret Carr and Karen Irvine

Runners Up - Federation Rose Swiss Pairs - Desh Gupta & Subhash Jalota

Runners Up - Golden Wattle Open Teams - Earl Dudley, Anne Powell, Bernie Waters & Stephen Mendick

Winners - Royal Bluebell Matchpoint Swiss Pairs - Bernie Waters & Stephen Mendick

Runners Up - Royal Bluebell Matchpoint Swiss Pairs - George Kozakos & Arjuna De Livera

Tournament Organiser - John Brockwell