49th Australian Youth Bridge Championships

Canberra Bridge Club

Deakin, ACT

7 - 13 January 2017

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1-Ailsa Peacock,Lakshmi Sunderasan,Ramanan Rajkumar, Jack O'Reilly
2-Morgan Gao,Patrick Clifford, Zachary Neulinger,Kieron Lees
3-Jamie Thompson,Matt Smith,Ella Pattison, Francesca McGrath
4-Conor Hosking,Finn Rennie,Aiden and Liam Robertson
5-Jeremy Fraser-Hoskin,Jacob Kalma,Feitong Chen,Matthew Hughes
6-Nik Mitchell,Brad Johnston,Matthew Brown,Andi Boughey
7-Andrew Spooner, Daryl Whitfield, David Gue, George Bartley
8-Kirstyn Fuller, Tomer Libman,Andrew Gosney, William Brazier
9-Nico Ranson, Chris Rhodes,Charles McMahon,John McMahon
10-Shane Harrison, Jess Brake,Stephen Williams,Nick Jacob
1-Ailsa Peacock,Erin Tewes
2-Morgan Gao,Patrick Clifford
3-Jamie Thompson,Matt Smith
4-Conor Hosking,Finn Rennie
5-Aiden Robertson,Liam Robertson
6-Andi Boughey, Matthew Brown
7-Jeremy Fraser-Hoskin, Jacob Kalma
8-Feitong Chen, Matthew Hughes
9-Nik Mitchell, Brad Johnston
10-Ella Pattison, Francesca McGrath
11-Andrew Spooner, Daryl Whitfield
12-David Gue, George Bartley
13-Kirstyn Fuller, Tomer Libman
14-Zachary Neulinger,Kieron Lees
15-Ramanan Rajkumar, Jack O'Reilly
16-Nico Ranson, Chris Rhodes
17-Andrew Gosney, William Brazier
18-Shane Harrison, Jess Brake
19-Charles McMahon,John McMahon
20-Justin Howard, Peter Hollands

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