46th Australian Youth Bridge Championships

Warrambui Retreat and Conference Centre


11 – 19 January 2014

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Youth Pairs (MP) - Sat 11th to Sun 12th:
John Newman Richard McAuliffe
Jessie De Garis George Evans
Victoria Thompson David Gue
Nico Ranson Christopher Rhodes
Edward Burrowes Peter Hollands
Alan Stoneham Stephen Guo
Caitlin Holman Rachel Price
Guykit Lang Bor-Kuan Song
Nick Jacob Glenn Coutts
Samuel Schulz Shane Harrison
Jen McGowan Gray Renwick
Sam Coutts Feitong Chen
Timothy Pilien Patrick Chen
Jessica Brake Michael Gearing
Andi Boughey Matthew Smith (NZ)
Gabrielle McGrath Daniel Hunt
Dominic Evans Grace Evans
Lauren Travis Ellena Moskovsky
Jamie Thompson Stephen Williams
Ella Pattison Rhys Cooper
Angus Gray Jack Tarlinton
Paul Gosney Renee Cooper
Gray Renwick Jen McGowan
James Coutts Liam Milne
Tim Munro Francesca McGrath
Laura Ginnan Sebastian Yuen

Youth Teams - Mon 13th to Tue 14th:
Nick Jacob Glenn Coutts Feitong Chen Sam Coutts
Alan Stoneham Stephen Guo Timothy Pilien Patrick Chen
Gabrielle McGrath Daniel Hunt Ailsa Peacock Matthew Smith (WA)
Lauren Travis Ellena Moskovsky Jamie Thompson Stephen Williams
Samuel Schulz Shane Harrison Ella Pattison Rhys Cooper
Laura Ginnan Justin Howard Max Henbest Renee Cooper
Andi Boughey Matthew Smith (NZ) James Coutts Liam Milne

Aus U25 Team Selection Butler Stage I
(1 pair selected for the Team by this stage)
- Tue 14th to Fri 17th:

Aus U25 Team Selection Butler Stage II
(2 more pairs selected by this stage)
- Sat 18th to Sun 19th:
2nd place from Stage I
3rd place from Stage I
4th place from Stage I
5th place from Stage I