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Apples from Andrew Richman's farm for players to enjoy at TFoB Launceston
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Winners of the Roger Penny Senior Swiss Pairs: Warren Lazer and Pauline Gumby
Runners Up Roger Penny Senior Swiss Pairs: George Smolanko and Nigel Rosendorff
3rd Place Roger Penny Senior Swiss Pairs: Nick Hardy and David Chung
Winners of the TFoB Restricted Swiss Pairs: Haj Skilton and Sue Martin
Runners Up TFoB Restricted Swiss Pairs: Tamara Cutcliffe abd David Clarkson
3rd Place TFoB Restricted Swiss Pairs: Bob and Christine Harkness
Winners of the The Island Matchpoint Pairs: Sue Ingham and Michael Courtney
Runners Up The Island Matchpoint Pairs: Mike Prescott and Marlene Watts
Winners of the TBIB Australian Swiss Pairs: Neil Ewart and Elizabeth Havas
Elizabeth Havas (L) and Neil Ewart (R) with Steve Weil from TBIB
Runners Up TBIB Australian Swiss Pairs: George Kozakos, (Ian Robinson absent) with TBA Vice-President Hugh Grosvenor
3rd Place TBIB Australian Swiss Pairs Rakesh Kumar, (Geoffrey Johnson absent) with Hugh