• Photo Gallery

1st Open Swiss Pairs: Phil Markey and Bruce Neill with SABF President Adel Abdelhamid and Gerald Lodewick from TBIB
2nd Open Swiss Pairs: Andrew Peake and Liz Adams with Adel and Gerald
1st Seniors Swiss Pairs: Terry Brown and Peter Buchen with Adel and Gerald
2nd Seniors Swiss Pairs: George Bilski and Martin Bloom with Adel and Gerald
1st Women's Swiss Pairs: Sue Lusk and Viv Wood
2nd Women's Swiss Pairs: Greer Tucker and Liz Sylvester with Adel and Gerald
1st Under Life Master Swiss Pairs: George Wagner and Nick Walsh with Adel and Gerald
2nd Under Life Master Swiss Pairs: Rob Holgate and Neil Williams with Adel and Gerald
1st Open Teams: Sophie Ashton, Helena Dawson and Sartaj Hans (inset: Paul Gosney)
2nd Open Teams: Paul Dalley, Michael Wilkinson, Axel Johannsson, Kate McCallum
1st Under Life Master Teams: Rob Holgate and Neil Williams (absent: Heidi Colenbrander and Ray Hurst)
2nd Under Life Master Teams: John Rogers, Patricia McGaffin, Terry Healy and Colin Clifford
SA Youth Team: Jess, David, Lincoln, George and Bertie
Derek Poulton concentrates against Lincoln Davey of the SA Youth team
Ceda Nikolic
Cherry Trengove
Jane Caddy
David Gue
Zhihong Miao and Ceda Nikolic
Mike Robertson
Christine Thomas and Julie Boyce against Marianne Bookalil and Jodi Tutty
Monica Vnuk and Caprice Davey against George Wagner and Nick Walsh
Pat Elliott and David Munro
Antonina Hayles
Herb and Margaret Neumeister against John Lokan and Bevin Brooks
Steve Colling against Jess Curtis
Andy Duncan and Ken Haines against Janet Munro and Margaret Edwards
Elaine Kenny
The playing area from the northern (Under Life Master) end
Chris Nettle
Anne Harris and Rosemary Grund
Michael Kefford, Neville Francis and Murray Perrin
Helen Rolland against Will Jenner-O'Shea
Director Peter Marly keeps a watchful eye on Richard Lawrie and Peter Colmer
Deb Wellman and Sally Luke against Christy Geromboux and Sebastian Yuen
Andrew Eddie and Pam Morgan-King against Bronwyn MacLeod and Connie Schoutrop
Lauren Travis and Vanessa Brown against Glynn Evans and Jim Coffey
Liz Sylvester and Greer Tucker against Liz Fanos and Julieanne Rocks
Bill Nash and James Wallis against Vicky and Ian Lisle
The top end of town
Penny Bowen against Carolyn Toh
Floor manager Craig
Adel Abdelhamid and Traian Chira