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1st Open Butler
1st Women's Butler
1st Seniors Butler
1st Open Interstate
2nd Open Butler
2nd Women's Butler
2nd Seniors Butler
2nd Seniors Interstate
3rd Open Butler
3rd Women's Butler
3rd Seniors Butler
3rd Seniors Interstate
1st Youth Interstate
2nd Youth Interstate
2nd Open Interstate
Winners ANC Swiss Pairs
Alexis and Jade, ACT Youth Team
David and George
Pauline, Tony, Warren and Neville
Peter, Sophie, Maggie, Susan
Lynne, Hospitality Desk
Queensland Women's Team
President ABF
Martin and Margaret
Merryl, Judith, Lena and Julia (l to r)
Laura and Robyn
Allison and Roy
Victorian Open Team
Tasmanian Open Team
Di, Sue and Pam
SA Youth
NSW Women
NSW ACT Closed Room
NSW ACT Open Room Finals
Darren Vugraph operator
Youth final NSW SA
NSW WA Final
Winc Walk In Pairs
VIC Seniors
Tassie Open
Seniors final
Seniors match
Women's match
Youth match
Gerald Tbib
Lindy and Ken
Yumin, Simon, Paul and George
Graham, Richard and Leyon, bus drivers extraordinaire
Terry, Warren and Jeanette
Scoreup area