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Canterbury Guineas Swiss Teams (Sun 13th July)

Posted by Marcia Scudder on Sunday, 13 July 2014 at 21:14

Canterbury Guineas Swiss Teams (Sun 13th July)

20 teams contested the Open Division of the Canterbury Guineas Swiss Teams, while 14 played in the Restricted Division.

The winning teams in the Open were

Cgo 1 abel 500

Julian Abel, John Newman, Michael Courtney, Andrew Schwartz

Cgo 2 priol 500

Dominic Kwok, John Clifton, David Priol, Peter Lameks

Gco 3 gill 500

George Fleischer, Peter Gill, Ron Speiser, Andrew Peake

In the Restricted section the top placegetters were

Cgr 1 wei 500

Jack Chen, Vicky Wei, Don Huang, Yumin Li

Cgr 2 carradine

Mike Edwards, Ed Truscott, Sarah Carradine, Michael Young

Cgr 3 quinton

Cathryn Hawke, Catherine Else, Millie Chu, Alan Quinton