• ABF Convention Card and Photo Upload

Convention cards must be created using the ABF Convention Card Editor or the ABF Convention Card PDF Form and uploaded to the ABF website using the upload facility on this page by June 6. All amendments must be completed by June 13. The ABF Convention Card Editor or the ABF Convention Card PDF Form can be downloaded from the System Cards page.

To assist in identification, please ensure that the name of the Convention Card contain the State code, Section (Open/Women/Youth/Seniors) and surname of each player of the partnership. E.g. WA_Open_Smith_Jones.

PLEASE consult the ABF System Regulations to correctly classify your system - see note[1] below.

ABF Convention Code Editor

The ABF Convention Card Editor creates two files with an extension of .0a2. The names of the files are identical apart from the underscore. e.g.


Both of these two .0a2 data files must be uploaded. Other formats such as jpg, gif, etc will not be accepted. The 0a2 files are located in the Austr2 sub-directory under the directory where the ABF Convention Card Editor software was installed on your computer. This is normally C:\ABF Convention Card Program\Austr2.

ABF Convention Card PDF Form

If you are using the ABF Convention Card PDF Form and your PDF product allows you to export the FDF file then please upload the FDF file. If your PDF product allows you to print the first two pages to a PDF file upload that PDF file otherwise just upload the PDF form.


Photos may also be uploaded using this facility. Before uploading please (re)name your files clearly using your FirstnameSurname e.g. MarySmith.jpg

If you need further instructions please contact the webmaster at webmaster@abf.com.au.

Please DO NOT upload the Convention Card editor program ABFCard.exe.

Browse to your files and then click the Upload Files button




Convention cards will be displayed on this website after they are converted to PDF and checked..

Supplementary notes, suitably identified, may be uploaded with this utility or emailed to the webmaster in any regular format eg Text, Word, Excel, PDF.


[1] System Classification. Note that a System is classified as Green, Blue, Red or Yellow. The colour of the dot should be one of those colours.

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