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Under Starter's Orders Pairs (Sat 12th July)

Posted by Marcia Scudder on Saturday, 12 July 2014 at 21:46

Under Starter's Orders Pairs (Sat 12th July)

66 pairs contested the Open Division of the Under Starter's Orders Pairs, while 36 played in the Restricted Division.

The triumphant pairs in the Open were

   Uo 1 hoffman tobin 500

   1.   Julia Hoffman and Judith Tobin

   Uo 2 chylewski zhu 500

   2.   Witold Chylewski and Wayne Zhu


   3.  Deidre Greenfeld and Shizue Futaesaku

In the Restricted section the top placegetters were

   Ur 1 bardos bapat

   1.    Peter Bardos and Anand Bapat

   Ur 2 heath heath 500

   2.    Heath Cook and Barry Cook


   3.    Bob Blayney and Arthur Chung