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Canterbury Guineas Flighted Butler Pairs

Posted by Marcia Scudder on Monday, 21 July 2014 at 13:08

Canterbury Guineas Flighted Butler Pairs

Lavings38 pairs played in the Canterbury Guineas Flighted Butler Pairs.  Three Flights were represented:  Open, Intermediate (<750 Masterpoints) and Novice (<100 Masterpoints).  Paul Lavings Bridge Books and Supplies sponsored the Open and Intermediate sections while the Central Coast Bridge Club sponsored the Novice Flight.  Shan Lawson, President of the Central Coast Bridge Club presented the prizes.

Thank you to our sponsors.

In the Open Flight

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1st: Stephen and Liz Hurley                   2nd: Neil Ewart and Chris Quail        3rd: Margaret Thorn and Arthur Anlezark

In the Intermediate Flight

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1st: Hope Tomlinson and Martin Johnson       2nd: Roger Watts and Robert White      

In the Novice Flight

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1st: Alan Bustany and Jurate Petrauskas       2nd: Jamaluddin and Parveen Rayani       3rd:Martin Coote and James Harvey