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Sweepstakes Pairs (Wednesday 16th July)

Posted by Marcia Scudder on Thursday, 17 July 2014 at 11:43

This event was supposed to be the RACEDAY Sweepstakes Pairs, but at the last minute, the race meeting scheduled for Canterbury Park (out the window of the venue) was transferred to another race track.

We made the best of the situation though.  We had a beautiful race track, one trusty steed (see photos below), a Clerk of the Course (aka the Tournament Organiser) and televisions broadcasting the races.  We also bought TAB tickets for all players, so races 3 and 6 gave players the opportunity to win some money.

Bridge consisted of 27 boards, played barometer style, so that players could chat about the hands while they had lunch or watched a race.

Book prizes (courtesy Paul Lavings Bridge Books and Supplies), and wine (courtesy getwinesdirect) and cash were awarded.

The overall winners were Inez Glanger and Ken Glasson

Ss 1 glanger 500

Second were Helen Hellsten and Paul Lavings

Ss 1

Third were Patricia Lacey and Carmel Bourke

Ss 6

Prizes were also awarded to players with fewer than 300 Masterpoints

Ss clear       Ss 4       Ss gilbert

Warren Robinson and Martin Clear          Jeanette Weaver and Leslie Treasure       Max Gilbert and Kathy Gilbert

and to players with fewer than 100 Masterpoints

 Ss hagar       Ss 3       Ss henke

      Audrey Belt and Margaret Hagar                Mick Fawcett and Lyn Tracey              Helen Barnes and Cheryl Henke

and finally to those with fewer than 50 Masterpoints

Ss 2 bradley               Ss lui

Alexandra Bradley and Tanya Renaud               Paul Barnett and Ellen Lui