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How many tears....

Posted by John McIlrath on Tuesday, 15 July 2014 at 16:35

How many tears does a grown man cry??

Interpolated to ...

How many steps does a Director take at the ANC??

Using a newly purchased UP24 band that measures not only steps but sleep pattern and if you really want, the calories in your dinner.

So far, after 3 days plus setting up John has travelled:

Friday - set up - 11,700 steps or 9.3 km

Saturday - Congress Pairs - 16,300 steps or 13.2 km

Sunday - Congress Teams - 9,900 steps or 7.9 km  -  we moved the Directors' Table

Monday - ANC Teams - 10,700 steps or 8.4 km

Grand total: 48,600 steps or 38.8 km