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What should I Bid? - Best enquiry for April 2002

Sartaj Hans, who is a regular user of this service to players, submitted the winner for the best question on bidding for the month of April.


ª AQJ1065
© 105
¨ 52
§ A74
Bidding: West North East South
  1S Pass 2H Pass
2S Pass 4D Pass

We are playing a two over one force to game style. 4D is a splinter raise probably with three trumps.

And David's Response:
Hi Sartaj,
Your hand seems to have improved dramatically with partner's bid. 4H appears to be the best bid. Some players play this as a "last train" bid: it does not say anything about heart control but describes an interest in a slam.
It seems a bit punchy to Blackwood as, with one diamond loser, if partner holds something like Kxx, AQJxx, J, Qxxx, a quite respectable holding for this bidding, slam does not look a good proposition.

All the best,
David Beauchamp

Sartaj in reply:
I wish we had agreed to play "last train" as partner held:

ª Kxx
© AKJxxx
¨ x
§ Kxx

and any enthusiasm from me will get us to the slam.


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